2FA on iPhone, iPad, Mac

2FA (two-factor authentication) on iPhone, iPad, Mac

You may think that your password is impossible to guess, but higher security, which is a good idea to establish a dual factor authentication (2FA). Once you have this system, hackers will need to access your account than your username and password – they also need to access your iPhone to get the security code.

What does dual factor authentication do?

2FA adds an additional security layer. You can enter the password as before, but the most important thing is that Apple will send you a numeric code through text information or an alarm on your Mac screen, and you must use it. It’s much harder to crack.

This is different from the two-step verification, apple added, celebrities began to get their iCloud account hacked. (if you pay special attention to your security, you may have set it up). Apple has introduced two steps validation in haste.

How to build 2fa (dual factor authentication): system preference settings

iPhone or iPad

However, you don’t have to set dual factor authentication on the Mac. You can do it on iPad or iPhone. To set up two-factor authentication on iPad or iPhone, please go to the settings, click your name at the top of the screen, then click password and security, two-factor authentication.

How to establish a 2fa (double factor authentication) iPhone

Once I set up two-factor authentication, what will happen?

Once you set up a 2FA, you’ll get your trusted device every time you log in to a new device. The alert includes a map that displays an approximate location based on the IP address currently used by the device. Don’t take too paranoid: when we visit our in Suffolk, a warning device is near London.

You will also send a six-digit code that you will need to input to prove your identity.

Dual factor authentication problem

It’s worth noting that once you set up a 2fa suddenly changed a bit difficult to log on to the Apple device, run the old version of the MacOS or iOS.

When you log on to the old device, you also need to enter the six-digit verification code after the password. This code will be sent to a “trusted device” to run iOS 9 or higher or OS X El Capitan or after it is sent to your phone number.

You should make sure that if your phone number changes, you update your Apple ID account page on the Internet, otherwise you may be caught without second factors.

The benefits of dual factor authentication

2FA is just a more secure system, and your Apple ID account will be better protected than using a single password or double authentication. You don’t have to choose or remember any additional security issues.

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2FA on iPhone, iPad, Mac
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